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Why would a family that is harboring so much pain and secrets stemming from the loss of their daughter and sister share their life with the public—for revenge, public awareness, seeking media attention, or maybe all three combined? In Blitz Attack: The Andrea Hines Story, the public gets a close glimpse into the Hines family deciding for themselves why the Hines would want to open old wounds and expose themselves to public scrutiny.

In the shadow of the Nicole Brown/Ron Goldman murders in 1994, few communities throughout the nation remember the news account of the horrific crime that happened in Holtville, California. People in this small highly religious town feared that Adan was possessed by the devil. Others believed that the crime could have easily been prevented. There was no one who didn’t fear Adan’s return when he is released from the California Youth Authority in October 2005.

After interviewing over 30 townspeople closely associated with the two teenagers, questions still loom as to why 13-yr-old Adan brutally murdered 14-yr-old Andrea— stabbing her 74 times and carving his stylized pentagram on her stomach. In the interviews many folks expressed their reasons why she was killed—the documentary, using interviews, stock-footage, newsreels, re-enactments, and images were incorporated to portray the townspeople’s statements and the event that was coined the Nicole Brown Copycat Murder.

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